You Have More Control Than You Give Yourself Credit For.

Everyone struggles with having enough time.

Time for the gym. Time with friends and family. Time to get work done. Time to just simply enjoy yourself.

But I think I’ve figured out a way to get more.

Lately I’ve been working 7 days a week, and it’s taught me something important.

We have a lot more control over how we spend our time than we often lead ourselves to believe.

Some days it’s only a couple hours of work, so it isn’t absolutely terrible, but it is a major time sink as I’m sure you can imagine.

Yet at the same time of significantly increasing my workload, I’ve been spending more time with friends, being social, and doing things I enjoy.

Imagine that.

What if you started working more hours, getting more done each day, making more money, getting closer and closer to your ambitions each day, while simultaneously creating more memories that make life worth living?

Did I learn how to squeeze in more than 24 hours in a day? Sometimes, it sort of feels like it.

All that I’ve really changed is taking my productivity and time management to the next level.

The time I do spend working is more productive. I’m systematically eliminating bad habits which waste time that could be spent enjoying myself, or getting work done. When I do have free time, I’m making sure I’m making the absolute most of it.

In fact, as I write this, I’m sitting at my friend’s wine bar, visiting a good friend who’s bartending, while enjoying a cocktail. Sure, I’m “working”, but normally I’d just be sitting in my boring and depressing room.

You could call it killing two birds with one stone.

(By the way, if you like chill vibes, wine, cocktails, and great conversation, check out BaccaNera if you’re in Milwaukee.)

Think about all the time you waste mindlessly scrolling social media on your phone as you sort of half-watch reruns of that tv series you’ve seen a million times before. Or sitting at home, avoiding social plans because you’re tired rather than doing what you enjoy. Or intermittently checking your phone when you should be working.

That’s time that could be spent getting more done, making more money, getting closer to your goals, or simply enjoying yourself.

Of course, easier said than done when you’re stressed and tired as shit.

Over these past few weeks I’ve learned that feeling of fatigue doesn’t really go away whether you stay home and “rest” doing those mindless activities or actually go be productive or live your life.

You’ll still feel like shit if you just stay home. So you may as well get up and do something.

I feel that feeling of fatigue is moreso a craving for some sort of dopamine hit. So we go straight to whatever easy sources of it we’ve conditioned ourselves to go to when seeking it. The couch and screens of flashy colors and entertainment.

But these never really fill that craving. You know what does?

Spending time with great people. Creating memories. Making progress on or completing projects.

Those are going to hit helluva lot harder than whatever new series is on Netflix, too. Unless it’s the Witcher.

I have a huge hard-on for that show.

Anyways, the point I’m getting to is that yeah it’s hard to force yourself to power through and work hard or get your ass off the couch and be social when you feel like that. But doing it is exactly how you resolve that feeling.

In the process, you begin laying down the bricks that permanently elevate your quality of life. A more fulfilling social life. Developed passions and interests. A successful career.

It’s a snowball effect of positive changes.

You spend your free time better so you feel more rejuvenated and work harder and more productively. You get more done each day, so you’re in a better mood, and have more time for yourself. So you spend more time either getting even more done, or creating memories and living experiences.

Maybe you use this extra time to work out and take care of yourself more. Which even further improves your general sense of well being which feeds right back into all of the above.

Which all starts with that insignificant step of getting up and doing shit you know you need to do when you’re tired and don’t feel like it.

Just move the needle in the right direction.

To be completely honest, I don’t want to make it seem like I’m some superhuman of productivity. I still have room to improve, and it will surely decrease one day as I struggle to get it back under control again. Part of the reason I’m writing this is to serve as a reminder to myself.

I probably struggle in many of the same ways you do. All I know from my experiences is that it is possible to improve.

You do have control.

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