How A Busy Realtor Got Abs, Gained Confidence, Grew His Business, and Started Making More Money.

Getting in shape isn’t easy.

Neither are the first few years of being self employed.

Lump the two together, and you’d be pretty hard pressed to make it all work.

But my Online Coaching Client Ben has defied all odds and has been succeeding at both.

But of course, before you win, you have to lose a few times first.

Here’s Ben’s story, and how he did it.

“My business, real estate, is essentially sales. My job is to prove to people I can sell better than the other 14,000 realtors next to me who are ready to pounce. Realistically, if I’m not confident, and I don’t look or feel good, how am I going to convince someone I am all of those things?

For Ben, getting in shape was about more than just looking good. It was about exuding confidence.

Making a good first impression.

To be viewed as the man he wants to be, not only in general, but specifically to instill confidence in his clients so that he could build a successful business and a future for himself.

Although, limited time and patience for the gym made it difficult to change.

“I went hard for so long at the gym. I fell into the stupid and regrettable “dirty bulk”, trying to put on as much weight as fast as possible.

I got big, I mean real big, like 210 lbs (I’m now 165). My grocery bill was ridiculous, I resented food as I was always eating, and the gym felt like a chore. It all took so much time out of my life that I started hating the whole process.

To top it all off, I didn’t even look good from all that work. I just looked fat.

It got to a point where I hated it so much I stopped cold turkey for almost an entire year. I wasn’t eating as much so I lost 20 lbs, but I wasn’t working out so it was mainly muscle and I kept the fat.

It was a downward spiral. The whole ordeal left me feeling weak and pathetic and just destroyed any confidence or drive I had, and my attitude towards life. That poor mindset I was in bled into EVERYTHING. Relationships, friendships, work, sex, etc.

Think about it, if I’m feeling tired and pathetic, how am I going to have the energy to go door to door or call 50+ people today? But not just today. The next day, and the next day, and the next day… what building a business requires. I didn’t do those things my business required and my work suffered.

That’s just a work example, imagine how other areas of my life were going. Friends, girlfriend, etc.

This is where Ben and I began working together, and everything turned around.

Check out his transformation for yourself:

It’s not just his body that’s changed.

His confidence, energy, drive, mood, and most importantly, how much money he’s making and the success of his business – ALL of it has improved.

“Getting in shape has changed my mentality. I look better in suits now for one, haha. But that extra feeling of energy, the endorphins, the physical results all improved my mindset which 10000% improved the way I come across in my business. That has DIRECTLY led to me growing my business and making more money.

Looking like I take care of myself shows I take pride in myself, therefore that pride gets transferred to my client’s homes. I think it may be really superficial but people are more attracted to do business with confident people.

It’s also given me this underlying confidence that I just carry on a day to day basis. My shoulders are back, my posture is better, I have more energy, I speak with more confidence which makes me sound like I have 10 years more experience than I do, at least in my clients eyes.”

This is why I always say it’s about more than just looking good. It’s about feeling good. About being able to accomplish your goals. Being able to live up to your potential.

So, what’s his secret? How’d he do it?

In this email I want to dive into his experiences he had with my online coaching program and break down the essential tips you can learn from his success.

Tip #1: Trim the fluff – Keep Things Streamlined and Simple.

“Dylan turned working out from extremely time consuming and complicated to totally streamlined and simple. He does the testing, research, analysis, workout planning, dieting and EVERYTHING. All I do is workout for an hour 4x a week and I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in.

I literally couldn’t have it any better operating on a self employed, stupid schedule. I love having everything done for me and planned out for the week so all I need to do is execute.”

If you’re a busy entrepreneur, you can’t afford to be wasting time in the gym, and if you enjoy having any shred of a personal life, you probably can’t commit to working out 6 days a week or longer than an hour at a time.

Although maybe you’re busy because you’re a student who hardly has time for themselves between studying and work, or you’re a mom, which is pretty self explanatory.

Either way, a lot of us are busy. Ben is, that’s for damn sure. That’s why I designed his program to get the most out of his time and effort.

Ben lifts 4 days per week, typically following some sort of upper/lower split (much like the one I shared in the email with the free programs). This ensures he’s hitting each muscle group at least 2x per week, which research has shown to be superior to only once.

This also made it easy to include a bunch of supersets into his routine. A superset is when you perform two exercises back to back without rest (or at least, a very short one to catch your breath) so that while you’re training one movement, the muscles from the other are resting and vice versa.

This doubles the amount of work you can do in the same amount of time.

We were also mindful of his exercise selection. Instead of a million different exercises, we focused on a handful that work well and suit his needs. Mostly compound movements with a few isolations worked in.

Occasionally we swap in a new exercise or change the target rep range to make sure his muscles are being exposed to a varying stimulus, which only needs to occur once every 6-10 weeks or so. Other than that, it doesn’t change much.

This way when he walks into the gym, he knows what exercises he’s doing, already knows how to do them, and since he does them so frequently, knows what weights to start with for his working sets.

He isn’t wasting any time trying to figure out what to do or learning something new every week. Just get in, execute, get out.

This allowed us to focus on what really matters: chasing strength gains.

By keeping the exercises consistent, we can easily compare if he’s getting stronger or not and how he’s responding to the workout. Muscles grow in direct response to increasing amounts of tension, and greater strength often precedes a visible growth in muscle, so getting stronger is the highest priority.

Basically, if you’re constantly changing up the exercises, it can be unclear if you’re making any results.

Regardless of that, it can be difficult to honestly judge whether you’re training hard enough. That’s why I have Ben send me videos whenever he’s unsure so I can let him know whether it’s time to increase the weight yet or not.

Tip #2: Leave No Room For Guesswork, Track Your Calories.

If you’re serious about making results, you need to get serious about your nutrition.

A lot of people don’t like the idea of tracking their calories and weighing their food. Some common concerns are that it’s too time consuming and tedious, which is true, at the beginning.

Although once you get some experience and practice, it takes a matter of 15 seconds. Better yet, if you eat a lot of the same foods frequently (which, makes it easier to meal prep that way anyways), then there are some strategies you can use so that you don’t even need to bust out your food scale at all.

For the negligible expense of extra time and effort put into your diet, you gain a ton of freedom. Freedom in knowing that if you eat x number of calories, you’re guaranteed results. There’s no guessing and hoping.

This gives you more freedom to fit your favorite junk foods into your day without spilling over and ruining your diet. Freedom in reassurance that your time and effort will pay off. It makes the whole process more enjoyable, predictable, and faster.

You don’t NEED to track calories by any means. If you’re fine with things likely moving a bit slower, that’s fine. I don’t track my calories. But Ben has this entire time and I can confidently say he would not have made the same drastic transformation if it had not been for him tracking his calories and eating to the exact amount I gave him every day.

As a client of mine, I will teach you how to track calories, and give you the numbers you should strive to hit every day. And if tracking isn’t for you, I can also teach you alternative strategies others have used with success.

Tip #3: Stay On Your Feet and Keep Moving. “N.E.A.T.” Makes a Big Difference.

Ben was making great progress, but then out of nowhere, it came to a screeching halt. Despite sticking to his nutrition 100%, he simply wasn’t losing any weight.

The problem was, we couldn’t exactly just have him eat even less. He was getting too close to the point where eating any less could lead to some health issues, and I didn’t want to take that risk.

For someone who works out hard 4x per week and does cardio, and eats a pretty strict diet, you’d think he’d be shedding weight. But eventually we discovered the issue had nothing to do with his diet and what he was doing in the gym, it was what he was doing OUTSIDE the gym.

Outside the gym, at work or at home, he spent basically all day every day sitting, so despite working his ass off in the gym, in total, he wasn’t really burning many calories. This adds up and makes a bigger difference than you would think.

So, he’s not burning enough calories, doesn’t really have time for more cardio, and can’t diet any harder. What the hell do you do?

The solution? Increase NEAT.

NEAT is an acronym for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. It’s an over complicated way of saying “the calories you burn while doing shit that ain’t working out”. Like sitting, or walking to your car.

Increasing Ben’s NEAT was an essential part of our plan together which caused him to blow through his weight loss plateau. I instructed Ben to start using a standing desk while he’s working, pacing while on the phone with clients instead of sitting, and taking every little opportunity possible to get up and move throughout the day.

He actually ended up killing two birds with one stone after we discussed this, and he began going door to door to try and drum up business. So where he once spent all day sitting, now he spends an hour or two walking every day, as well as standing for most of the day at work.

No additional time spent working out, just making better use of time already spent. As soon as he started implementing these changes, he began shedding weight instantly. So much so that I was actually able to increase his daily calories and he was still losing even more weight than before. This meant it was easier to build muscle while losing fat, kept his energy levels higher, and his hunger lower.

The takeaway for you is that the more you move, the better. Even in small ways. You don’t burn as many calories working out as you think. What matters more is what you’re doing the other 14-16 hours that you’re awake.

Tip #4: Practice Patience and Mindfulness.

After we overcame his fat loss plateau, Ben encountered another issue.

He messaged me one day telling me how he’s really been struggling. Absolutely zero motivation for the gym, feeling like his results are taking forever, and that he’s still so far away from reaching his goal. That he had tried to will himself but he didn’t make it to the gym once that week.

My clients are always available to contact me whenever and for whatever they need, so I made sure we talked and figured this out.

I’ve been working out for the better part of 8 years and have done it consistently year round for about 5-6 now. I’ve been there when it comes to struggling with motivation, but have figured out a way to make it work and how to really stick with this for the long term.

I can recall countless times where I’ve felt like I’m making absolutely zero progress despite all my hard work too, just to come across an old picture of myself and be pleasantly surprised to see how far I’ve come. Sure enough, when I brought this up to Ben, he realized that he had lost sight of just how much has really changed, too.

This happens because we don’t realize the little changes that happen from day to day. Often times, it’s other people who notice changes and comment on them before we do.

While this helped ease his mind, it didn’t solve the root of the issue.

I’d often feel that way because every single day I’d be desperately looking in the mirror for progress. Inspecting my physique up and down, hoping to notice some change which would validate all of my hard work.

This is absolutely terrible for your mental state. Mainly because change is slow. Even if you’re seeing incredibly fast results, you’ll be let down more often than not. These small little let downs add up over time and start to weigh on your state of mind. Soon enough you’ll become discouraged and when you finally do notice a change, it isn’t really all that positive.

It becomes more of an “Ugh, finally!” Instead of “Wow, this is awesome!”

It’s much better if you don’t obsess.

I explained this to Ben using an analogy.

Actively watching your body and looking in the mirror every day searching for change is like watching paint dry. Whether you’re there focusing on it or not, the paint doesn’t dry any faster or slower. It goes at the same pace no matter what.

If you sit there and watch it, it’s going to feel like it’s taking an eternity; you’re going to absolutely lose your mind. Meanwhile, if you move on with your day and let it do it’s thing in the background, before you know it, that paint will be dry.

Same goes for your body. If you obsess over it, it’s going to feel like you’re not making any change.

It’s much better if you instead focus on other things going on in your life. 

Ultimately, if you’re efficient with everything, you shouldn’t be spending longer than 10 hours per week on your body, which is really being generous. 4-6 hours per week working out max, and another 3 meal prepping, if you’re slow.

That is such an insignificant amount of time out of your total week, and yet so many people let it occupy their minds 24/7.

Focus on your career. Focus on your relationship. On your social life, or your hobbies, developing passions and interests. 

Spend more time with your mind occupied on things you have control over changing, or that make you happy.

Your progress doesn’t move any faster if you think about fitness 24/7. Put your work in the gym, prep your meals for the week, and move on. There’s so much more to life.

This was the advice I gave him.

Since we had that conversation, he hasn’t had any struggles since. Of course he may run into other speedbumps down the road, that’s to be expected.

But what he was experiencing is where many people end up quitting and give up on their goals. Whereas I was able to get in his head, talk some sense into him, and make sure he kept working towards his goals and investing in the future he wanted to create for himself.

“On top of his physical insights, he is also EXTREMELY good with the mental process of working out, something I didn’t know was going to be so important getting into this. He has a way of finding that motivation I have deep down and pulling it right back up when I seem to have been struggling.”

Tip #5: Don’t Do It Alone. Hire A Coach.

Between having a simple and efficient diet and workout plan made for him and his crazy lifestyle, someone to help him overcome any plateaus, and most importantly support him mentally and emotionally to keep him accountable, Ben has seen much better results than he probably would have on his own.

The fact of the matter is you probably won’t see the results Ben has, on your own, from the start.

It’s going to be a long process of trial and error until you get it right. Stopping and starting a few times until you manage to figure out a way to stay consistent, year round, for years on end.

Luckily, you’re learning how to do things the right way by reading my content, but actually getting it right when it comes to applying it takes time. There’s also simply so much I can’t teach you without working with you 1 on 1.

It’s entirely possible to do it yourself. For the most part, I’m self taught. 

Granted I’ve invested lots of money and time into education between school, courses, and certifications, but the most important stuff I’ve learned were from free or cheap resources from experts in the field, much like the content I make today. 

I used to spend anywhere from 1-4 hours reading everything I could get my hands on.

If you’re busy as shit like my client Ben, can you really afford to be spending all that time trying to figure it out? Will you be able to stay consistent without any accountability?

Also, can you really wait any longer hating how you look in the mirror, not being confident enough to get the most out of your life?

By hiring a coach, you’ll have a straightforward plan to execute. The thinking is done for you, there’s no guesswork, all you have to do is show up and put in the work so you can get back to taking care of the other priorities in your life. You can’t spend all your free time in the gym, can you?

You have access to an expert to give you feedback and answer your questions whenever you need, and guide you through the process until you’re successful. 

This way you’re not doing it alone, you have someone else there for you to keep you on track and make sure you reach your goals.

Coaching isn’t for everyone. You may be just fine on your own. 

But if you’re interested and want to learn more, click on the link below and it will take you to a page where you can learn a little bit more about how my coaching program works, and schedule a time to talk with me on the phone and see if you’re a good fit.

Also, Ben has graciously offered to talk to anyone that’s interested in working with me himself. So if you want to ask him some questions, you can contact him at his email or phone number (Canada number) 604-353-8523.

I try to offer custom plans to fit any budget and serve any need, so don’t be afraid to reach out.