Ben Robinson

“Getting in shape has changed my mentality. I look better in suits now for one, haha. But that extra feeling of energy, the endorphins, the physical results all improved my mindset which 10000% improved the way I come across in my business. That has DIRECTLY led to me growing my business and making more money.”

You can read more about Ben’s experiences in this blog post: https://dylanclarkfitness.com/what-you-can-learn-from-my-client-ben/

Marisol Ortiz

“This is the best program I have tried. The professionalism and knowledge that Dylan has is amazing, he completely understands my busy life between work, school, and 4 kids, and works with my crazy schedule. I couldn’t be happier with my results, he’s all about helping others reach their fitness goals and I’m so confident that with him as my trainer that I’m going to reach my goals in no time!”

Stephen S.

“Right after I signed up with Dylan, I was extremely nervous about working with a trainer who wasn’t vegan like myself. Now 9 months in to working with him, he’s helped me figure out the best nutrition plan, as well as keep me on track with daily workout programming. Having never lifted weights before and worried about looking dumb or hurting myself, now I am extremely comfortable in the gym and have made incredible progress.

My favorite part about working with Dylan is his professionalism when working with clients and how he can motivate me to appreciate working out. He also does a fantastic job of modifying exercises so I get the most out of every session. He’s very client-centered, and dedicated that they get the best possible results.

I highly recommend his services due to his ability to form connections with clients, and his positive motivation to succeed.”

Jose C.

“Working with Dylan has been a learning experience both in training and nutrition. He gives key details to my workouts and is very dedicated to my goals that are in progress and will soon meet. He is an awesome trainer, consistent, and dedicated to his clients.”

Breana S.

“I would go to the gym about 3 days a week but never really looked like I worked out. I usually just stuck to cardio, but wanted to start using free weights but wasn’t sure how.

After 3 months of working with Dylan, I can definitely say that’s changed. I have more definition in my arms and legs, I started noticing my abs even without flexing, and where I would often get comments about how skinny I was, now people tell me that I look strong.

I used to leave the gym feeling like I hardly did anything but after his workouts I always felt pumped, like I worked hard and did something.

Now I feel independent with my workouts and nutrition and like I can do it on my own.

If I had one thing to say to anyone thinking of working with Dylan, I would say put your ego aside and just do it. At first I I felt like I didn’t really need it, but I learned a lot and he showed me I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough.”

Mark S.

“Since working with Dylan, I am more structured and disciplined than I was before and am reaping the benefits of my hard work. If you take in everything Dylan has to offer, you will see the results you want.”

Steph T.

“I started looking for a trainer because in high school, I always had guidance when it came to working out. The basketball practices, games, and summer leagues always kept me active. After school, when I no longer had sports in my life, I gained a lot of weight. I tried dieting and working out on my own but I always gave up since I didn’t really know what I was doing and never made much progress.

When I hired Dylan, I was worried that maybe it won’t work for me, and I’ve never hired an online coach before. But now it’s been over 3 months, and this whole experience has benefited me in so many ways.

Before I hated going to the gym, not feeling confident in what exactly I was doing, and knew absolutely nothing about what to eat. Now I go to the gym knowing exactly what I need to do, what foods I need to eat, and how much. He taught me how to challenge and push myself. I never realized how strong I was until I started his program! My energy did a complete 180 as well. My energy and motivation has been in full swing.

Overall, I’m making better results than what I thought possible. So far I’m down almost 20 lbs and 10 inches around my waist, with a lot more muscle in just 14 weeks. It’s not easy, I have to work hard everyday & stick with it. But through it all, working out has become a part of me and my escape. It helps me feel more relaxed and work through stress. I swear I always feel 10 times better when I walk out of the gym than how I felt when first walking in.

If I had to say one thing to anyone interested in working with Dylan, I would say just do it! The first step to change is always the hardest. You won’t regret this decision.

Adam Bernal

“I have been training with Dylan for a little less than 3 months once a week. I’ve met with 2 other trainers (including the one at my gym I go to) and I expressed some concerns surrounding my physical disability. (cerebral palsy) Although mine effects me very mildly I have concerns around muscle spasms and such which had been a very real problem for me in my adult life.

Dylan was the ONLY trainer who came back with information surrounding my limitations and weight training and how it would effect me, or in some terms, not effect my progress. With that determination I chose to go with Dylan. Due to financial reasons and time I can only train once a week and do “homework workouts” which have been very successful. Now I am stronger and feel better than ever. I owe most of it to my own determination but couldn’t do it without Dylan’s guidance.

Not only does he push me to my limits, but I feel he actually cares about my progress. All I can do is recommend Dylan to people, which I have been. There is no other was to say it. It I would give this easily 6 stars if I could.”

Erin Parks

“I sought out a personal trainer primarily to build strength in preparation for my upcoming sailing race season. I chose to work with Dylan because I saw that in addition to the training sessions in the gym, he also incorporated nutrition into his program, which I thought would accelerate my progress.

Since beginning to work with him, I have seen my strength and my racing performance improve dramatically. I also have seen 10 lbs of weight loss. Also, because tracking my protein and calories was part of the program, I now have much more confidence in making healthier food choices. Dylan’s understanding of nutrition helped me maximize my workout efforts. I feel a renewed sense of excitement in the gym because of the progress I’ve seen with his guidance!

When working with Dylan, you will feel like you have a great coach/mentor, and that you’re working with someone who truly wants to see you achieve your goals. He was always available for an extra text or call if I needed additional support or had any questions. Dylan excels at helping you balance fitness and nutrition goals into your life in a way that is sustainable. I highly recommend working with Dylan!”

Heather Quitos

When I first met Dylan, he explained the type of programming and nutrition I needed to reach that goal, and how it’s important to have a program individualized to me, not a general template like the one I had been following. Turns out that little bit of individualization was key in helping me progress! I saw results in the short time we worked together and I think that’s due to consistently following the workout and nutrition programs he designed for me over the 6 months. In addition to adding some strength across all of my lifts and inches of muscle, I increased my hip thrust from 135 pounds to over 300 which is an awesome feeling! 

I definitely appreciated how he explained why we were doing every little thing in our program, so that I understood why certain things were happening. He also provided tons of form tips and cues which I wouldn’t have began doing on my own. Overall I enjoyed the experience, he listened to my goals and worked with me to achieve them. I would recommend Dylan to anyone regardless of if they are new to fitness, or pretty experienced like myself – I think they would learn a lot from him either way!”

Tom Creasey

“I had been doing my own thing for about 10 years prior to working with Dylan, and though I lost weight, I reached a plateau and gained 40 of my 80lbs back. I started looking for a PT because of the plateau I had reached and feared gaining more weight back. Dylan seemed to listen to me when we first met and I felt that he would work with me and tailor something to my needs – I didn’t get that same impression from others.

Since beginning to train with him, I have lost all the weight that I had gained back. I have noticed the weight loss and so have others, since I have been getting compliments that I am looking fit. I’ve also become much more confident with free weights – I tended to stay away from them and now I work with them all the time. I am able to push myself more and feel a bit more confident in and outside the gym. I am more cognoscente of what I eat and definitely cook more now than I did before we started working together. Ultimately, I learned that I couldn’t do this on my own and that I needed some help.

Overall, it has been a great experience; it has given me the confidence to move forward with new weight exercises and push myself to achieve new levels of strength and healthier eating habits. I would totally recommend Dylan to others, he seems to work well with his other clients and listens to their needs. He has with me.”

Becca Whiting

“I’ve been overweight forever. I had lost weight once before successfully a few years ago, but life got in the way and I gained it all back. Several times I tried to get back into all my good habits, but shit’s hard, you know? At the beginning of 2017 I decided to give it another go 100%. I went back to working out around 4 days a week doing cardio and logging my food again, trying to stay around a calorie limit. I had already learned a lot about nutrition from my past experiences, which was helpful. I was really trying to establish healthy behaviors and let the weight loss follow. It was working and by the end of May I’d lost almost 30lb on my own. 

I was working out a lot on my own, doing a lot of group exercise classes, which were mostly cardio. But I knew I should implement some resistance training (for body composition, raising metabolism, increasing strength, etc etc), and that I knew precisely jack shit about how to do that. I also know that it’s really easy to hurt yourself lifting weights, especially since I already have some ongoing joint issues with my ankles and knees. I had always thought about doing training, but money had always been an issue. I was finally feeling financially stable, and knew a couple people training with Dylan that had good things to say, so I decided to give it a go. 

Honestly my first impression was just meh, lol. But my friends seemed to like him, and I had done a “try it” session with a trainer at my gym and that was a major turnoff (I said “I can’t do that” and they said “yes you can” and I was like “no like my knees are fucked up and I’m overweight and I can’t do that” but I tried anyway and failed and almost hurt myself). So I didn’t have any other options and he said he’d work with my joint issues so I decided to try it, and if I didn’t like it I could always bail.

But, it’s been a while since we started working together…over a year… so if I hadn’t seen any results I would have quit a long time ago. And I still maintain that I could have lost the weight on my own, it was the strength stuff I needed help with. But as of writing this…I have lost almost 80 lbs, I’m down 4 pants sizes and several inches all over (he records that not me, so I don’t know exactly how many). My strength hasn’t dramatically increased because it generally doesn’t do that when you are restricting calories.  

I hate Dylan. I hate him in so many ways. He makes me do things I don’t want to do, like reverse lunges, deadlifts, eating a lot of protein, weighing myself daily, using his stupid apps, and he always says “two more” which makes me want to kill him half the time. He also made me write this, which I resent him for. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that training with him has benefited me. And a lot of people I know said my weight loss became really noticeable once I started lifting. And lifting really is the way to go for weight loss, strength building, and just overall fitness. So for anyone wanting to make a lifestyle change and start a fitness journey, I would suggest lifting weights. And (unfortunately for my ego), I would recommend Dylan as a trainer.

He also puts up with my really dry and insulting sense of humor, which might be evident in this review.”

Adam Avgoulas

“Dylan trained me while recovering from shoulder surgery and coping with a degenerative disc in my lower back. He has extensive knowledge on the body and helped me strengthen my shoulder and back to lower my overall pain levels. I’d recommend Dylan to any of my friends or family.”

Natasha Hanson

“He is the best trainer I’ve EVER had. He’s a hard working, caring and a very devoted trainer to all of his clients! I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to get in shape or just simply changing an unhealthy lifestyle.”

Stacie B.

“Dylan has the best modern program out there. He’s flexible with people’s lives, understanding (because he has a life too), efficient, and knowledgeable. He’s not a get paid and that’s it trainer. He’s invested in changing people’s lives through their health, fitness, and goals long term.”