Look Good, Feel Good, Win At Life.

Let’s face it, we all want to look good.

We don’t like to admit it to others, but it’s true. If you…

  • You hate what you see in the mirror and feel like a shell of your former self, when you were in great shape…

  • You really let yourself go, and it gets harder to find interest in the dating scene, or your partner isn’t attracted to you anymore…

  • You’re afraid of running into old friends from college, as they’ll see how bad you let yourself go…

  • You always feel like absolute shit, and never get enough done each day…

  • You’re self conscious, and your blatant lack of confidence bleeds through every time you talk to others…

That holds you back.

You’re not as productive as you could be at work. You don’t have the same energy for going out and being social like you used to. Your lack of confidence shows to everyone you talk to. Potential clients at work, potential dates…

The problem is changing it is easier said than done.

Trying to manage a job or career, school, maybe even kids, while still trying to have a social life on top of that, it’s not easy.

You could easily commit to getting in shape when you had less priorities, but now you’re pulled in a million different directions. Maybe now you’re noticing that you’re getting older and your body just isn’t the same anymore as well.

That’s not even mentioning all the confusing misinformation out there. Carbs are good? No, wait, they’re bad now! What about fasting? Should I lift weights, or do circuit training?

It’s no fun constantly second guessing if you’re doing any of it right.

Trying to manage all of that while still allowing yourself the occasional night to eat out, maybe have a few drinks, and enjoy yourself so you don’t go absolutely nuts…

It’s not easy to do it yourself.

But there is a system that will work.

That will allow you to build a body you are proud to see in the mirror every morning. One that doesn’t require you to live in the gym and work out 6x a week, or follow some ridiculous fad diet where you’ll regain all the weight as soon as you stop.

I speak from experience.

I hated my lanky, skinny-fat body. I grew up an athlete but hardly looked like it. Turns out grueling wrestling practices can’t undo frozen pizzas and burritos for every meal…

It was pathetic – I was so self conscious about my appearance I struggled to maintain eye contact with people. I had no ambition, and was letting life beat the hell out of me instead of building the life I wanted.

I was held back.

But then amazing things started happening (like they will for you, too)

The better I ate and the more I exercised, the less I felt sluggish, stressed out, or irritable. As my appearance changed, I became more outgoing. I started putting myself out there, meeting more people, and inadvertently stumbling into more opportunities.

Without this, I never would have started chasing my ambitions and started my own business, met tons of wonderful friends I have today, and started to actually live my life.

I transformed into a completely different person, and started to become truly happy.

It was about more than just looking good. I wanted more from life.

Quit being a passive victim in your life. Get in shape and receive tons of newfound energy to get shit done. Build a body that will command attention and respect. Start living up to your potential.

You’re not alone in this struggle. The way our modern world works stacks the odds against you.

Taking care of our bodies has become less of a priority as we need to focus more on building a career and making money.

Technology has made us more sedentary, as we’re constantly surrounded by easy access to delicious food that makes us fat.

As the world has advanced, getting out of shape has become easier, as getting in shape is still just as hard.

But I’ve figured out a system to transform your body without sacrificing your life in the process. It didn’t just work for me, but dozens of my clients as well.

Don’t just take my word for it. Ask my clients.

Stephen was a full time student with a demanding internship and the head of a few school organizations. From 7am to 7pm Monday through Saturday he had appointments and obligations to handle with barely any time for himself.

He hated the feeling of letting his body go and didn’t want to sacrifice his health in the process of building his future. He knows when he’s active and in shape, his mood, energy, productivity, and general sense of well being all skyrocket.

In the past, he used to run a lot. But this time around it was different. He wanted to add on some muscle, but had no idea where to start. He had never lifted weights before and was worried about looking dumb, or worse, hurting himself.

At first he was nervous to hire a trainer, especially one who wasn’t vegan like himself.

But fast forward to today and he’s added tons of muscle and strength while shedding fat. All while managing his absolutely insane life. He’s become confident and independent in the gym.

He went from the skinny but still sort of chubby vegan dude who was afraid of lifting weights to his friends knowing him as the fit and muscular guy.

Then there’s Marisol. A busy Momma of 4 (8 if you include the dogs) who, on top of taking care of all of them, had work, school, a house, and a husband to take care of.

Despite all this, she still made time to take care of herself and go to the gym.

After investing so much time and energy into others she wanted something for herself. She wanted to be in great shape, look good, be a good influence on her kids and prove to other mom’s that you can do it. That it’s not too late.

She was going to the gym 5 nights a week… but making no progress. She decided she needed some help and soon enough we started working together.

By finding a flexible program that could work around the insanity of her life, and with some minor tweaks to make sure she was getting the most out of her time and effort spent in the gym, she instantly added dozens of pounds to her lifts and made an incredible transformation in only 8 weeks.


Stephen and Marisol did it and so can you. Here’s how:

You Need A Custom Nutrition Plan

You’ll get a lean and defined waistline by learning how to eat for real life, in a flexible way. No strict fad diets, just sensible, realistic changes that you can commit to forever.

You will get a lot more than just a list of foods to eat. You’ll be run through an entire process that will teach you how to craft your own diet and make it fit to you, your preferences, and your life.

This way you won’t get burnt out on following the same old fad diet forever and ever, and you become independent so you don’t need me to hold your hand forever. This means results that last for the rest of your life.

You will learn how to enjoy a few drinks, a night out here and there, or dinner at your friend’s wedding while still making progress so that getting in shape doesn’t mean sacrificing your social life and never having fun. (No bringing tupperwares of chicken and rice to social events!)

But most of all, you will learn the necessary skills and habits to make this a permanent, lifestyle change. Not just another diet you follow for 8 weeks before getting sick of it and giving up.

Forget about all the contradictory advice you read online. Say hello to a clear, actionable plan that you know you can follow.

You Need A Custom Workout Plan

Your customized training plan will be available at your fingertips via a customized training app so that you can pull it up on your phone while you’re on the gym floor, at home, or travelling.

This way you’re never left confused and wondering what to do, you always have a plan you can be confident will lead to results.

Your training program includes:

*Tried and True Methods successfully used by dozens of clients so you can be confident your effort in the gym will be well spent.

* Custom workouts that work that will make you stronger and lose fat while training around previous injuries, aches, or pains so that you can gain muscle and strength without being held back by your bad back or bum shoulder..

* Efficient Programming designed to give you the most out of your time in the gym so you still have down time outside of work, school, and kids. You won’t have to be “that guy,” a gym rat who seems to practically live there.

* A flexible schedule so that you can plan your gym time around your life, not your life around the gym. Have a workout planned but an old friend is in town tonight and this is your only chance to see them? Now you can, without feeling guilty about skipping a workout.

*Done for you so that you spend more time actually working towards your goal instead of wasting time trying to figure out what you even need to do.

*Adaptable and changes based on your needs so that your body is always getting exactly what it needs to see phenomenal progress

* Exercise video demonstrations to make sure you’re training safely and effectively.

If we’re training together in person, you get the added bonus of being guided through the workout face to face.

This is a lot more than a random free program you can download online. This is custom made for your unique body, schedule, needs, and preferences.

I’ll review your workout program and your feedback on it every week to make sure you’re always getting exactly what you need as your body grows and adapts, and your needs change.

That way, you won’t waste time in the gym.

No longer winging your workouts by throwing together a random assortment of exercises or following some random program online.

No more second guessing if you’re even doing it right and hoping you see results.

No more getting injured as you have the painful realization you could have probably used some professional help with your workouts.

You’ll have a clear plan of action and know exactly what you need to do, so you can get in, execute your plan, get out, and get on with your day.

You Need Coaching

That doesn’t mean an intense, drill sergeant type of guy yelling in your face. It means a personal mentor who will help you develop the mindset and habits to be successful with all of this and make great results. To help you break bad habits and become more disciplined.

Instead of feeling confused trying to figure out a program on your own, you’ll have step-by-step guidance to get you in incredible shape.

​We’ll talk many times through the week, every week, at a time convenient to you, to make sure everything is going according to plan, and make changes when necessary.

All of this can be done whether you live 5 miles from me or 500. I have clients both locally and internationally.

You will get in incredible shape so you can start getting more out of life.

Imagine Reaching Your Full Potential

You’re finally able to look in the mirror and love what you see every day.

You’re able to carry yourself with a higher level of confidence and started taking control of your life.

You’re consistently full of energy instead of feeling run down all the time.

You’ve finally started doing all those things you’ve been telling yourself you should do for years.

Now you’re now making more money, have a thriving social life, maybe even met that special someone.

I don’t know exactly what reaching your potential means to you. But what I do know is that nothing but great changes will happen as a result of feeling strong, full of energy, and absolutely loving how you look and feel.


Now, you could try getting in shape on your own. But be honest, how well has that worked in the past?

Instead of feeling stuck and wondering exactly what to do, wouldn’t be better to follow an expert plan I’ll handcraft just for you?

You’ll progress quickly because there will be no more guesswork. You will receive:

*A custom workout program designed specifically for you, your unique needs, goals, preferences, and schedule so that you can get the most out of your time and effort instead of living in the gym

*A nutrition plan teaching you how to lose weight and build muscle eating the foods you enjoy so that you can control your cravings and stick to eating better indefinitely

*24/7 accountability for any questions and support so you’re never stuck feeling confused or unmotivated
Guidance to develop the mindset and habits to make healthier eating and fitness a part of your life so you never struggle to stick to a plan again.

Join The Team Of Others Who Took The Plunge.

If you’re ready to get into incredible shape and take control of your life again, apply for my coaching program with the link below and we’ll hop on a call to see if we’re a match. Then I’ll come up with the best possible plan, handcrafted just for you.