Your Meal Replacement Shake Probably Sucks

Here’s the short of it. In the vast majority of scenarios, there are better options of what you could consume, whether your goal is weight gain or weight loss.

Inside I discuss the importance of things such as satiety when dieting, and being better about planning and prioritizing meals instead of rushing around and skipping meals.

What You Can Learn From My Client Ben

My client Ben has made a fantastic transformation which he says not only boosted his confidence, but indirectly lead to making more money and overall living a happier life.

Inside you can learn the specific methods we used to overcome the several barriers he encountered through our first year of working together to make this transformation happen.

Why More Women Should Lift Heavy

There’s an issue with how many women are approaching fitness. Too many are spending all their time on cardio machines, circuit training, or doing HIIT.

You may have your reasons for avoiding heavy weight lifting. The issue is, avoiding heavy weights might be exactly what’s holding you back from finally reaching your goal.

Is working out really supposed to be fun?

Think about it. Is this something you’re doing to let loose and enjoy yourself, as you do when you’re out with friends, watching your favorite show, etc?

Which if you are, cool. Seriously, to each their own. Or are you doing this for results?

So you can stop hating what you see in the mirror. Stop feeling unconfident. Start having more energy and start getting more out of your life.

Because if you are, it’s important to know that if you’re doing what actually gets results, it often won’t be fun.

Suddenly gain 1-3 lbs? No need to stress. Here’s why.

Is there anything more frustrating than this?

You’ve been dieting pretty hard, sticking to your diet pretty well…

Maybe you cheat a little here and there. Not much, though. You don’t feel like it’s enough to ruin your entire diet. After all, you have to live a little sometimes, right?

Then you hop on the scale and notice you’ve gained a full TWO pounds.

What the shit, right? How is that even possible?