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My clients make great results and love working with me. Take a look for yourself:

  • “The professionalism and knowledge that Dylan has is amazing, he completely understands my busy life between 4 kids, work, and school, and how to work around my schedule. I couldn’t be happier with my results…”

    Marisol Ortiz
  • “He was always available for an extra text or call if I needed additional support or had any questions. Dylan excels at helping you balance fitness and nutrition goals into your life in a way that is sustainable. I highly recommend working with Dylan!”

    Erin Parks
  • “…which have been very successful. Now I am stronger and feel better than ever. I owe most of it to my own determination but couldn’t do it without Dylan’s guidance. Not only does he push me to my limits, but I feel he actually cares about my progress. All I can do is recommend Dylan to people, which I have been.”

    Adam Bernal
  • “…Overall, it has been a great experience; it has given me the confidence to move forward with new weight exercises and push myself to achieve new levels of strength and healthier eating habits. I would totally recommend Dylan to others, he seems to work well with his other clients and listens to their needs. He has with me.”

    Tom Creasey
  • “…I increased my hip thrust from 135 pounds to over 300 which is an awesome feeling! … Overall I enjoyed the experience, he listened to my goals and worked with me to achieve them. I would recommend Dylan to anyone regardless of if they are new to fitness, or pretty experienced like myself – I think they would learn a lot from him either way!”

    Heather Quitos
  •  “Dylan trained me while recovering from shoulder surgery and coping with a degenerative disc in my lower back. He has extensive knowledge on the body and helped me strengthen my shoulder and back to lower my overall pain levels. I’d recommend Dylan to any of my friends or family.”

    Adam Avgoulas
  • “He is the best trainer I’ve EVER had. He’s a hard working, caring and a very devoted trainer to all of his clients! I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to get in shape or just simply changing an unhealthy lifestyle.”

    Natasha Hanson
  • “I hate Dylan. I hate him in so many ways.”

    Becca Whiting
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